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Benefits of Sobriety

Discussion in 'Sobriety' started by Michael, Jul 7, 2013.

  1. Michael

    Michael Administrator Staff Member

    You may wonder why someone is sober or you may be thinking why you might want to be sober. Below are some thoughts and reasons about the benefits of sober living. For the most part we are all born sober, the exception would be those unfortunate infants born addicted to whatever their parents may have been abusing. The rest of us are born sober and just like we had a choice to start drinking we have the same choice to stop drinking and get back in touch with our sober lives.

    The choice to be sober is not always easy but the knowing the rewards that await you when you realign with your sober life can help motivate you along the path to sobriety. Always remember there is no right way to get sober. The best way is going to be the one that’s best for you and for the people in your life that are immediately affected.

    Those wondering “why be sober?” may be searching for a better way to life. When life’s not going as planned and you’re faced with different obstacles, drinking certainly is not going to help the situation. It may help numb the initial sting of bad news but to fix problems, make the best decisions and achieve the best outcomes you need to be sober.

    When you take into consideration the benefits of sobriety you’ll see why more and more people are choosing to live a sober life.

    Think Clearer

    Unpickle your mind from the alcohol. The brain will work better when you grease it with healthier things. You’ll be making better decisions and solving life’s problems faster when your mind isn't trying to work under the influence or recovering from it. You’ll start to see things differently and gain and knew perspective when viewing life through sober eyes.

    More Money

    Imagine all the money you’ll have to spend on other things. Revive an old hobby or find a new one. Devote the money you would have spent on drinks to something that will improve your life. Think about furthering your education, a fun personal project or even mini vacation. Just be careful not to end up with a shopping or gambling addiction with your new stream of cash.

    More Time

    Less time being drunk and hung-over gives you more time to live doing things that are more important and meaningful. This could be spending more time with your family and friends doing activities that have more substance. You’ll have more time to explore your own life. Maybe with your new found time you’ll make other changes that can positively impact your life. More time to read, learn and do things that you’ll enjoy, remember and truly appreciate.

    Feel Better

    Imagine never having a hangover again. Waking up refreshed and rested can be a way of life. When you decide to be sober you will start to feel better every day. Those who decide to be sober improve their overall mental and physical health.

    Look Better

    Try thinking of all the alcoholics and those who drink heavily in your life. Do they have any similar physical traits? Would you like to avoid those same traits? Being sober helps you be youthful and look healthier overall. No need to worry about bloodshot eyes and a puffy red face from continuous drinking.

    Accomplish More

    When you are sober you’ll have the time, energy and money accomplish more. What goals and dreams haven’t you accomplished? When you are sober, you become realigned with your true interests and start to focus on them, be it school, creative projects or personal development. Whatever you want to learn or accomplish can be done much faster when you are sober.

    These are just some of the benefits of sobriety. When you choose to be sober you’ll encounter other benefits that you may have never even thought of. The beauty of sober living is that you’ll be rewarded with positive experiences and outcomes each and every day.

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