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Breaking All Contact

Discussion in 'Love' started by Michael, Jul 7, 2013.

  1. Michael

    Michael Administrator Staff Member

    One of the most important steps in getting over someone is to break all contact. Yes, for some this will be very hard but it is crucial that you stop speaking to the one that you love. Believe me, I know how truly difficult this is! The fact is the more you continue to make contact the more you will push the person further away, the harder it will be for you to heal and you’ll just end up feeling worse and even foolish. Let’s be honest—most of the time that phone call, text, gift or unannounced visit doesn't produce the results we would like. Doing these things makes things worse—yet we continue to do them!

    No More Texting—One text or a hundred texts doesn't matter. Sending texts is no good. You will never get over this person if you are constantly obsessing over when to text them, what to text them and when and if you’re going to get a response from them. So, no more text messages! Constantly obsessing over text will only make you more miserable and sending text after text will only push them further away. There is no string of words that is going to work—just stop.

    No More Phone Calls—No more “just checking in on you” phone calls. You must not make contact even if it’s a holiday or birthday. It sounds cruel but it’s for the best. Let’s face it—you’re just using the holiday or birthday to make contact with them! Let person you love contact you. If they truly care about you than you will eventually hear from them. Remember the saying “if you love something set it free…”

    No Drive or Walk-bys—Don’t lose your dignity by being caught driving or walking by their home. You don’t want to be labeled as a creepy stalker. Don’t you have better things to do like spend time with people that actually care about you then lurking around someone’s place that doesn't love you anymore? What does driving by accomplish? Nothing.

    No Confrontations—If your loved one has made it clear they don’t want to see you then it means that they don’t want to see you. Respect their wishes and let them be. If the relationship ended rocky don’t make things worse by confronting them when wounds are still fresh. People need time to heal and get over things. Don’t approach or try and corner them anywhere even if you frequent the same hangout. If the person you love wants to reconnect then they will approach you.

    The hardest thing is to do is not making contact. Your mind or your heart takes over and makes you a little crazy. Doesn't it? You just have to send that text or make one last phone call. You think to yourself “What if? What if they respond this time?” The only thing you need to think about is that it is important that you not contact them in any way, shape or form.

    Why waste you precious energy on someone who doesn't want to hear from you? I know how painful this question is. You have a tremendous amount of love for someone and you are constantly pushed away and ignored. Rather than continue the vicious cycle of pain re-direct your love within, focus on yourself and stop making contact so you can heal and move on with your life.

    Overtime, with no contact you should think about the object of your desire less and less. Have you tried breaking all contact with someone you love? Have you contacted the person and done something leaving you feeling foolish or more depressed? Let’s hear about it!

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