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Five Ways to Get Help

Discussion in 'Sobriety' started by Michael, Jul 30, 2013.

  1. Michael

    Michael Administrator Staff Member

    Alcohol is often mistaken to be a means of relieving stress, but when it starts to be excessive, it is a very difficult habit to break. Overcoming the addiction can even seem like an impossible challenge, but this is not the case. Here are five different measures that you can take to seek help and to overcome drinking.

    Join Alcoholics Anonymous

    It should go without saying that Alcoholics Anonymous has been a considerably useful source of assistance for addicts. This has been true since the 1930s; since then, tens of thousands of those in need have been able to successfully stop drinking through the assistance the program offers.

    Alcoholics Anonymous uses a 12-step program that focuses on higher powers to relieve its attendants of the need for alcohol while also promoting being accountable to those in their lives. This is arguably one of the more accessible forms of getting help as well as there are thousands of groups available throughout the country.

    Anybody interested in breaking alcohol dependency is free to attend the meetings. Alcoholics Anonymous does not require a fee, though some groups may establish voluntary donations to help the meetings continue.

    Use Self-Management and Recovery Training

    Similar to Alcoholics Anonymous, Self-Management and Recovery Training seeks to put together groups to help break dependence on any kind of addiction, even beyond drinking. In addition, this SMART option does not rely on a higher power program, instead teaching attendees personal power and what it takes to break away from the addictive behavior.

    Currently, the SMART organization is not quite as widespread as Alcoholics Anonymous, only featuring about 300 groups throughout the world each week. However, to combat this, you can attend virtual meetings and find additional information on the website.

    Detox From Alcohol

    Those who have struggled with alcoholism for quite a bit of time and have begun to drink heavily every single day, it is especially necessary to completely detox from alcohol. When alcoholism is severe, there is a point where the body has been completely inundated with alcohol. This means that the body will start to go through severe symptoms of withdrawal. Under certain circumstances, this can be fatal, but it is impossible to be sober without detoxing.

    With this in mind, the best course of action to take would be to visit an in-patient rehab center. These centers always have doctors around to safely detox patients by keeping their symptoms under control. Since this can sometimes require medical intervention, this is a necessity. Prices will vary depending on the center.

    Completely Avoid Alcohol

    Alcohol has a tendency to sneak up on people. While it comes in the usual bottle form, you can find it hiding within certain foods, such as rum used to make a cake or vodka or wine used in a pasta sauce. In order to completely remove yourself from the habit, you must completely and entirely avoid alcohol in all of its forms. Even if you consume it in your food, it still exerts an influence in your body. Because of this, ask whenever you are not sure of the ingredients of your food.

    Consider a Pill

    Common in Europe and starting to gain traction in America, disulfiram is one means that people have been trying as a deterrent to drinking. This pill stops the body from metabolizing the alcohol, which causes the toxins to build up and create negative side effects. Some common side effects include sweating, dizziness, vomiting, confusion and blurred vision. The purpose is to discourage drinking, though it should only be used by those who are very determined to quit drinking.

    The above are just five ways to get help if you have a drinking problem but there are many more. Don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed if you feel you have a drinking problem. Reach out to family members, friends, coworkers, your employer or religious organization for advice and assistance. There are many options available to you!

    Have you are someone you know had any success with any methods above? Please share the experience.

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