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Getting Over a Broken Heart

Discussion in 'Love' started by Michael, Jul 9, 2013.

  1. Michael

    Michael Administrator Staff Member

    Mending a broken heart is a very delicate matter, and you have to handle it with great care. The tricky part is that no two hearts are the same, so broken hearts feel differently to each person. Therefore, you should not spend a lot of time figuring out why your heart was broken, but focus on mending your broken heart and dealing with your specific situation.

    If your relationship with someone you love has come to an end, and you are left suffering with a broken heart, know that there is hope. Know that there are ways to mend your broken heart.

    Never ignore the true importance of feeling grief. The closer and more passionate your relationship was with someone, the more your heart is going to hurt. The length of time you have been with the person makes a difference as well. Hence, getting over your heartbreak is possible, but challenging.

    You do not have to make the experience tougher by denying yourself the right to grieve over the loss. If you do not take the time grieving the loss, it will be harder to get over the person. Keeping your emotions inside creates both psychological and physical complications, so grieve and let your feelings go.

    Find an appropriate way to release the emotions that you are feeling. You might want to jot your feelings down on paper, or go out and take a long walk and cry it out. Exercising is a great way for venting your emotions. Finding a productive way to release the painful emotions you have within is one of the best ways to mend your heart.

    If you have things around the house that remind you of the relationship, put them somewhere out of sight. This means all those fun pictures of the both of you at concerts, out to dinner or even on holidays. Stop going the places that you and your ex used to enjoy going together. This really does work for mending your heart.

    If the heartache is just too painful, you should speak to a therapist. A good psychologist can help you learn how to heal your heart once they understand the circumstances of your breakup. The good thing about having a therapist is that they can talk to you and offer advice that is for you alone. Using friends and family for advice is not always the best thing. Their advice will be based on how they feel about your ex, and if they never cared for your ex, they may not offer the best advice. A therapist is objective, and their advice is to simply help you heal and move on after your breakup.

    Keep yourself busy, and stay occupied as much as you can during your waking hours. Surround yourself with friends, family and the people you love most. Try some new things, and discover things that maybe you should have done in the first place that you neglected because you were so wrapped up in your ex. Maybe that person kept you from doing things you always wanted to do. Now is that time to do them. When we are fixated on another individual we often neglect other areas of our life. Work on bringing balance to all areas of your life so you can be ready for the next relationship.

    Realize that heart break and the pain you feel will not just go away overnight. When you have been with someone, it takes time to get over them, but soon enough you will be back on the road to recovery and having just as much fun again with someone else.

    Are you trying to cope with a broken heart? How do you feel?

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