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How to Get Over a Break Up

Discussion in 'Love' started by Michael, Jul 1, 2013.

  1. Michael

    Michael Administrator Staff Member

    The first moments after a break up can feel devastating. Especially if the break up is unexpected or you just don't want the relationship to end. While it’s important to live through all your emotions and grieve over what was lost you don’t want to end up suffering forever. It may feel impossible to recover from a bad break up but with patience and a positive attitude you can. In order to mend your broken heart you need to take a positive approach by doing things that will take your mind off the break up and focus it on more positive things. Staying home and laying around, feeling depressed is not the solution. If you make some effort toward your recovery you can help time heal your wounds.

    Get Over a Break Up by Meeting People

    Deal with a break up by spending time with family or friends that are supportive and fun to be around. When you’re busy enjoying quality time with others you won’t have time to mope about your break up. If you want to talk about your break up in the beginning that’s fine, but your break up shouldn't be the main conversation every time you meet these people. Is there an old friend or family member that misses you? Imagine how good they will feel if they heard from you and were able to see you. When you redirect your energy to someone who wants it you’ll end up benefiting from that positive situation. Make plans with those who you haven’t seen in a while. Give some of yourself to loved ones who matter to you. Strengthening these old bonds will put you in a better mindset and you’ll see what really matters in life—and that is the people who already love and card about you. When you are spending time with loved one and close friends you will recover faster from your break up.

    Get Over a Break Up by Going Places

    Start by making a list of places you would like to go or revisit. You can plan a day trip, weekend getaway or maybe a longer vacation. You can go alone or bring a fun friend. It’s time to add some excitement and adventure into your life, when you do you’ll heal faster from your break up because you’ll be having too much fun to think about heart break. You shouldn't do anything harsh right after a break up like relocating. You need to wait until your heart and mind is stabilized to make a big decision like that. Hold off from doing anything drastic but do make an effort to do something fun and exciting. It may take some effort to just get going but once your involved in a fun activity or interesting environment your mind will be happy.

    Get Over a Break Up by Doing New and Exciting Things

    Start doing things that will occupy your mind and body. This can be a new hobby or physical activity. Just like going places this can be done alone or with someone. When you exercise your mind and body with interesting things you won’t have the energy available to devote to your break up. You can go back to school, take up a sport, it doesn't matter what it is just as long as it’s something that you will enjoy doing. If you mope around and do nothing it will take you longer to recover from your break up so start doing something fun today.

    You are a beautiful person with so much love within you. You don’t deserve to stay heartbroken over a break up—it’s not fair to you and it’s just not healthy. You can avoid extended heartbreak by meeting people, going places and doing fun things. The sooner you take positive action the sooner you can recover from your break up and be in the best position in life to meet someone new.

    Getting over a break up can be quite challenging. Are you currently dealing with a break up? How do you feel?

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