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How to Get Over Someone You Love

Discussion in 'Love' started by Michael, Jul 7, 2013.

  1. Michael

    Michael Administrator Staff Member

    It is never easy to get over someone when a relationship comes to an end, especially if you were not the one who wanted to end it. If it is truly over, without a chance of reconciliation, determining how to quickly get over that person becomes vital to your well being. The faster you can get over the person you love, the faster you can go on with your new life. If you have been in a relationship with this person for a long time, know upfront that it not a simple process. It’s also not uncommon to be struggling to get over someone who you weren't even in a relationship with—if that’s you don’t feel ashamed. The force of attraction is very powerful and sometimes leaves of feeling powerless to the individuals we are attracted to. Below are three tips for getting over someone who has left you heart broken.

    Removing Reminders of Them – This may not be easy but one of the first things you should do is remove any reminders of the person you love from your home and surroundings. Removing these things will be hard, but it must be done. These items probably have a lot of sentimental value and emotional attachment to them. If you can remove them, you will find that it easier to get over your loved one quicker. If you were with this person for a long time, you could have a lot of mementos around your home. Does it mean you must move out or throw it all away? No. Just take those things that remind you of them the most, and put them away somewhere. Maybe it is a special blanket or framed picture that makes you sad when you see it. Removing these items will make the transition much easier. Box the items up and put them in a place out of sight.

    Think of the Negative Qualities – Another way to get over a person quicker is to think of their
    negative qualities or the things they did that you did not like or that troubled you. Every relationship has positive points and negative points. Try to think of the negative that happened in the relationship, and it will help you justify it ending. Write a list of all the negative things this person did or said to you. We often put the object of our desire on a pedestal, obscuring the reality that they are human just like us with their own faults and failures. Try and bring to mind some things this person said or did that would really make you want to forget about them.

    Start Dating – Another way to get over someone you love is by getting out there and start dating again. Some people will tell you that it is not a wise move because you are still in love with someone else. Yes, it is very important that you take the time to grieve the loss but often times so many of us get stuck in the grieving process. You should make an effort to meet and date other people. You can do this by going out with friends and joining popular dating sites. You are not dating to immediately fall in love again. You are going out on dates to stop feeling so bad and to get out and have some fun.

    Getting over someone who broke your heart is not the easiest thing in the world, but it is possible. Focus on yourself and look forward instead of backwards. Before you know it, you will begin to feel great again and find yourself in a better situation than you were before.

    What did you think of these tips? Do you have any other tips for getting over someone?

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