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Outpatient Alcohol Treatment—Why Go?

Discussion in 'Sobriety' started by Michael, Jul 12, 2013.

  1. Michael

    Michael Administrator Staff Member

    One of the ways to get sober is to go to outpatient alcohol treatment. This involves attending meetings a few times a week. The meetings may decrease as time goes by, then maybe you will only be required to go once a week till you are deemed stable and strong enough to stop going. You should still have some sort of support in place when you stop going to outpatient alcohol treatment.

    Outpatient alcohol treatment may be in a group setting although it could be one on one. In the group you’ll discuss problems, your relationship with alcohol and drugs, personal choices, making positive life changes, setting goals and achieving them. In the group setting you can talk freely and openly. There is no judgment. You’ll be given the opportunity to get all that negative energy out of your body, through speaking and determine the root cause of your problems.

    You most likely be required to take a drug test, before, after or even during the meetings. Don’t be surprised if one of your group members shows up intoxicated! The purpose of these meetings is simply to get you back on track, to keep you focused and hold you accountable. Talking and discussing personal problems is one of the best ways to battle an addiction. You’ll be in a supportive group with people who are fighting the same fight. You’ll discover that you aren't alone in your battle and recovery is very much possible.

    Most health insurances cover outpatient alcohol treatment and if you don’t have health insurance there are centers that are available that will work out payments around your budget.

    Don’t delay help because of lack of funds. Options are available to you. Your health…mental and physical is the most valuable thing you have. Once you lose that there is no turning back. If you feel you are slipping and in a dark place in your life you should seek help right away.

    Don’t delay help because of lack of time. If you continue on your destructive path everything you are focusing on now, be it a job or family will eventually fall apart. You must make the time to correct your habits so you can get on the path to sobriety. Devoting time to fixing yourself and making yourself stronger is time well spent. The payoff is a healthier and happier life.

    Don’t be ashamed to be attending outpatient alcohol treatment. You should be proud of yourself that you are taking action to improve your life. Some people just give up and continue to spiral out of control to point when it’s simply too late. Their mind if completely gone or their body has simply given out on them. You may think that would never happen to you but it can. The longer you allow your addiction to run rampant the more control you will lose from your life.

    The sooner you begin some sort of treatment the sooner you can begin to stabilize your life and get back on track. Don’t delay positive change. Obviously what’s happening in your life isn't working so it’s time to do something that will work and make things better for you.

    You should consider outpatient alcohol treatment if you are drinking healthy, don’t have a support system and need help now. If your employer has a drug and alcohol program you should inquire about it as soon as possible. Your employer wants you to be healthy so if they have a program, take advantage of it. They’ll arrange for you to see a health care professional to determine whether outpatient alcohol treatment is best for you. Employer alcohol related programs are anonymous. Meaning they can’t announce why you left temporally or what you’re going through.

    If you were involved in an accident or other offense related to drug and alcohol the courts may have you go to outpatient alcohol treatment. Even before the courts decide this you should decide for yourself and go. Don’t wait until you lose your job, friends, family or even your life—consider outpatient alcohol treatment today.

    If you have any questions or stories related to outpatient alcohol treatment please share them here.

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