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Staying Sober

Discussion in 'Sobriety' started by Michael, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. Michael

    Michael Administrator Staff Member

    Staying sober can be quite a challenge but with the right mindset and support in place you can do it. The great thing about sobriety is that the longer you stay sober the easier it becomes to stay that way.

    Negative People, Places and Things

    Avoid people, places and things that trigger the urge to drink. Obviously a bar or dance club shouldn't be on the top of your list of places to go during your journey to sobriety. People that really irritate you and make you miserable should be avoided too. If they can’t be avoided try and have a talk with them and work on the relationship so it can be more positive for the both of you. Don’t be looking at photos or reading love letters that make you depressed. Try and rest your eyes and mind on all things good. Avoiding the negative and depressing things in life will help keep you sober.

    Family, Friends and Coworkers

    Reach out to family, friends and coworkers for support. One of the easiest ways to stay sober is just talking about it. Get whatever is on your mind out of it and put it into words. Do you just have this strong desire to have a drink or is something else triggering you to act out? Don’t allow negative thoughts to fester in your mind, get them out. One of the biggest problems in our society is that we are afraid to talk about our problems. Some of us are great at bitching and complaining but we keep our true problems a secret and that will only cause more problems in the future. More than likely you have family, friends and coworkers in your life that can relate to whatever troubles you are having and you should reach out to these people. Don’t be ashamed of your faults because we all have them. Share your struggles with someone that you trust or can relate with so you have support during your sobriety.

    Positive Responsibility

    Try and find some positive responsibility in life that will keep you occupied. Things like a new pet, hobby, part-time job at a fun place or enrolling in a class that you would enjoy would all be positive responsibility. The idea is to keep you busy but not necessarily add stress to your life.

    Staying sober involves finding balance in your life and using the resources that are available to you. You are not alone and you are stronger than you think. Make a conscious effort to do the right thing for yourself and your life will improve dramatically. You know in your heart and soul what is best for you so focus on that and good things will start to happen. Focus on doing positive things that enrich your life.

    Getting sober is a great accomplishment but how do you stay sober when dealing with the challenges and stresses of everyday life?

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